I use this exercise in both of my signature courses (The Empowered Empath Journaling Course and Empaths in Business) as well as with most 1:1 clients. It’s based on the idea that the future version of ourselves already exists and we can connect with that version to get guidance and comfort on our next steps.

One of the biggest ‘hang ups’ most of us have when unleveling our lives is the fear of the unknown

What if I don’t have the money to take that course?
What if I am miserable if I take the leap and move to Europe?

The what ifs plague us, especially those who struggle to surrender to the universe. So instead of wondering and worrying we can ask our Higher Self (the version of us a few steps ahead) and just ask them how things play out.



On the first page write a few sentences about where you currently are. (Example: Say you are ready for a new apartment. You’d write: “I am living in my small apartment and feeling ready and excited to get a new one. I’ve outgrown this space and it feels like the walls are closing in.” Then, write a few sentences about who you will be when you are comfortably in that next version of you. The you WITH the new apartment. (Example: “We just moved in my new sofa and it’s so comfortable! I have a vanilla candle on the table and I can’t believe this new space is my reality. It’s stunning. A much-needed upgrade.”)


Then, on the next page take it further

Visualize yourself physically sitting on that sofa (or at the table, in the park, at the new job) and writing a letter back in time to the version you are now.

Start with something relevant to the experience like, “I moved! I can’t believe it… you were so afraid it wouldn’t work out. And you never thought you’d find a space this beautiful. But we did!” and then free flow with the sole intention of writing all about the experience from the perspective of already making it.


When you’re done, re-read...

And if there was any specific guidance, follow it.


If your Higher Self told you she found the new apartment in the local newspaper, LOOK in the newspaper. That’s word-for-word guidance for you to get where you’re wanting to go. Which is to her… the future version of you.

If you give it a go, take a photo and share with me over on Instagram!