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19 | Setting Boundaries With Those Who Do Not Believe In Your Dreams [Let's Talk Being an Empath in Business]

Business is business, but being in business as someone who is deeply sensitive is much different. Over the next five days I’m going to be taking you in behind the scenes of what this journey really takes in a new podcast series! Welcome to Day 2 - all about BOUNDARIES and setting them with those who do not believe in your dreams. You can find the worksheet I mention at and read more about the upcoming Empaths in Business course at We start in less than a week!

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17 | The feminine is speaking up, and why your business isn't working (yet)

The Libra energy we are currently sitting in has me reflecting on the masculine and feminine energies. And why no empath makes it in business by 'promoting themselves on Instagram’. (And what you actually need to do.) Controversial, but hey, that’s the feminine energy too. ;) Book your breakthrough session at or come over to Instagram and share a screenshot of the episode with your greatest aha. I love seeing how the episodes impact you - and meeting you too!

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