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16 | Remembering Who You’re Here For

Today’s episode is a bit different, because it isn’t an episode, it’s a meditation. A complimentary meditation to celebrate my upcoming meditation album called Start to Speak, created to help creative, conscious souls share their message and fulfill their unique role in helping us move this world forward. The meditation is a heart-opening meditation to help you remember who you came to serve with your story and work. I use it before I write my emails and show up to sell my work because when we aren’t in our hearts it’s easy to fall into ego and hold ourselves back because of things like imposture syndrome. Or worrying we aren’t enough. Or something silly like Instagram metrics and like counts. Most of all though, when we aren’t in our hearts, those we came to help can’t find our messages because us empaths work on frequency. It’s our hearts that market our skillsets and abilities :) Enjoy this meditation and if you enjoy it, screenshot and share with me on Instagram! [@thediaryofanempath] I hope it gives you the courage to be who you are, because there really is someone waiting on you. And they can’t find you until you remember this truth. Secure your copy of upcoming meditation album at *Limited time episode.

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15 | A Little Money Trick, and Do You Believe in Yourself Yet?

One of the things I hear most when it comes to folks wanting to get started with their calling, is that they don’t have enough money. Whether it be to leave a 9-5 or invest in starting a business or getting the right kind of support and coaching. And I understand completely! I left my social work job in 2017 and have been self-employed ever since. In this episode I share a potent trick for manifesting more money. I picked it up in 2017 and still use it to make big financial leaps. Grab a piece of paper and favourite pen, and if you give it a go, be sure to tag me on instagram! @thediaryofanempath. ps., The Empowered Empath Journaling Course goes live next week! Join us at

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