16 | A Necessary Shift If You're Going to Make It (With Your Purpose)

If you have plans to make your good work your life’s work, on today’s episode I’m sharing a necessary shift that has to come first. I’m also talking about the persecution wound, why you’ve been feeling so unsupported and alone and sharing a beautiful manifestation story, too. If this episode helps, I’d love for you to leave a heart based review and share the episode with a friend or over on Instagram! And if YOU need support, I’ve just added personalized sessions to my site. You can book yours at www.thediaryofanempath.com/support. I’ve posted a relevant blog post there too

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15 | A Little Money Trick, and Do You Believe in Yourself Yet?

One of the things I hear most when it comes to folks wanting to get started with their calling, is that they don’t have enough money. Whether it be to leave a 9-5 or invest in starting a business or getting the right kind of support and coaching. And I understand completely! I left my social work job in 2017 and have been self-employed ever since. In this episode I share a potent trick for manifesting more money. I picked it up in 2017 and still use it to make big financial leaps. Grab a piece of paper and favourite pen, and if you give it a go, be sure to tag me on instagram! @thediaryofanempath. ps., The Empowered Empath Journaling Course goes live next week! Join us at www.thediaryofanempath.com/journaling

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14 | "People Pleasing" and the REAL Reason You're Experiencing Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

“Still waters run deep” and over the past few weeks my spirit slowed me down so I could deep dive into my own psyche to learn some (very important) things. Mainly around people pleasing and how it’s NOT what we’ve been taught to believe. It’s not a syndrome, it’s not even an empath trait. It’s rooted in childhood and with one ‘aha’ you can reverse it, completely. In this episode I also talk about burnout and the role it plays in our growth. If you identify with being a people pleaser and it’s keeping you from living how YOU want to or you too are moving a season of burnout and wondering how to make it easier, this episode will help you.

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