As someone with the soul mission to help empaths like me step into their calling, money has been become a big conversation in my day-to-day.

Whether it’s through my Empaths in Business program where I support empaths in grounding their abilities into a profitable offer, or through the many conversations I have about programming and some of the false beliefs we’ve picked up as a world when it comes to wealth and prosperity. These days money plays a big part in my life, but it hasn’t always. For a long time I thought money was the enemy and believed that to want to be wealthy would cause me to lose my intuitive abilities. Turns out, the opposite is true, and learning to value money has helped me become an even greater advocate because money is very important in the areas of life it is needed and not important at all in the areas it is not.


Regardless of where you are on your money journey, here are three tools that helped shift my relationship with it. And hint: I still use all three.


01. YouAreCreators ‘Money Affirmations’

I share these affirmations with everyone! And all my 1:1 clients have to listen to them before we ever start our 1:1 work together because money cannot come to you if you believe it’s not able to. These affirmations open you up to receiving.

02. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - by T. Harv Eker

This book was one of the first ‘money books’ I ever read and I still read it. It sits next to my bed and when I need a jolt of inspiration I open it and read it like an oracle. It will shift how you view money, this world and your responsibility as a change maker, and it’s dividing into short lessons so you can read one a day as you transition to a healthier way of perceiving money.

03. These images I save and put as the background of my phone.

The subconscious mind requires repetition to change a belief and as a highly visual person I really like having money-affirming affirmations in areas I see multiple times a day. The best for me is my phone so I created these affirmations as screensavers. You can also print them and tape them to your mirror, car dash board or anywhere else you see often. Tag me in a screenshot of your favourite over on Instagram! You can find me @thediaryofanempath