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12 | The Persecution Wound & Dealing With People Who Do Not Get You

When I started my blog, I knew there would be pushback because I knew just speaking up about what I experienced was controversial. What I didn’t know, was just how bad the pushback could get. Or the people who would be giving it. But I’m grateful for it, and for the people who don’t get ‘it’ (or me!) who project their pain because of the fear that’s been sitting in our collective bones for centuries. I declared 2019 would be the year I got secure in my worth because I didn’t want to spend one more minute thinking I wasn’t enough, and in choosing that I have been presented with lots of opportunities to clear the wounds, fears and memories that have me believing I’m not worthy.

In this episode we talk about the persecution wound and how the fear of showing up is rooted in lifetimes of wounds that need healing. And I recorded it to let you know that if you’re dealing with this wound, I am right alongside you, healing, growing, and shifting too.


episode notes

In the episode I also mention a giveaway! Here’s the link for those details:*On Instagram? Come say hello @thediaryofanempath