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15 | A Little Money Trick, and Do You Believe in Yourself Yet?

One of the things I hear most when it comes to people wanting to get started with their calling is that they don’t have enough money. Whether it be to leave a 9-5, invest in starting a business or getting the right kind of support and coaching. And I understand completely! I left my social work job in 2017 and have been self-employed ever since. It was an uphill battle until I realized a potent trick. A trick I still use to make big financial leaps.

If money is what holds you back OR you are wanting to get help but hesitate to invest in yourself, grab a piece of paper and favourite pen. I’m showing you what has worked for me again and again.


episode notes

Ps., For those enrolled in this round of the Empowered Empath Journaling Course, we are going to deep-dive into money mindset and wealth consciousness in week 2 when we breakdown scarcity-based programming and rebuild belief systems built around enjoyment. If you haven’t enrolled yet, the course goes live soon and will not be re-opening until late December. to join in!