‘Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness’ so I took back my power & spread my wings. The Empath Podcast invites you to do the same.

A journey of self love and finding and trusting yourself hosted by Robin of The Diary of an Empath.


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Meet Your Host

I’m Robin and in 2016 I put my diary on the Internet. It was a risk, but I knew I had to do it; an inner pull that made no sense. I was a social worker, and terrified at the thought of someone actually reading my words. Well, that shaky hello turned into my first blog post and then ten more, and then a collection that has helped thousands of empaths feel understood and remember who they really are. And that collection of posts has turned into an online course, and then two, and now a life and business I love, where I am paid to be myself and help others find and follow their purpose and path. None of which would have happened if I didn’t write that first blog post in favour of my spirit’s pull. In favour of a life that felt good. In favour of my heart and what she knew.